24-Hour Program: $450 | 48-Hour Program: $900

Northern Bridges’ Relapse Prevention Program is specifically designed for clients who have made attempts at abstinence from drugs and alcohol in the past and need a higher level of education and support for the future. Our training process reinforces clients who are in recovery and who want to take their sobriety to a more advanced level.

Most of the programs in the Twin Cities are clinically oriented, offering services based on a medical approach to treatment. However, Northern Bridges follows a model that is supportive and educational rather than clinical and uninvolved. Our innovative and nurturing approach is an excellent alternative to the clinical model found in most outpatient-treatment programs found in the Twin Cities. Using the power of community and teaching recovery, using the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps and other effective approaches, Northern Bridges’ Relapse Prevention Program is a time-tested method that has helped many people. We want to embrace recovery and develop your insight into the discussions and concerns that stem from Chemical Health issues.

Relapse prevention programs can be expensive, and Northern Bridges has developed both day and evening programs to help mitigate the rising costs of outpatient treatment in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the metropolitan areas. Compared to clinical treatment centers, this program offers an excellent value for those concerned with Relapse Prevention and Recovery strategies.

This training is a non-medical approach. We aim to help raise our clients potential for sustained abstinence. The program is twelve to eighteen weeks and provides an in-depth recovery experience. It can be done either individually or in a group setting.