The overall objective of an intervention is not only to relieve the individual from the sufferings of self-destructive behavior but to relieve the family as well. An intervention generally brings together family, friends, colleagues and/or co-workers with the guidance of a professional interventionist. As a group, they will engage the person or persons involved with the proper care . They will talk with them in a clear and respectful way, the immediate objectives being for that person(s) to listen and to accept help.

The Northern Bridges’ intervention model is rooted in the family-systems approach. Our goal is to advocate for change within the family, to create a stronger support system for the person afflicted with addiction, as well as the family affected by that addiction. The stronger the system, the greater the chance for change.

Our interventionist works with the family. Our aim is to reveal new ways of thinking about addiction and the powerful impact it has on your family. When reflecting back on our lives, most of us can remember a time when someone or something—a teacher, friend, or set of circumstances—impressed us in a decisive way. That past experience alters how we have come to understand ourselves in the present. The things that were most troubling in our lives often become materials for redemption. Moments like these can provide us with opportunities we did not know existed. Our goal as interventionists is to provide a safe place for healing.