Driving With Care: Level 1 provides our clients with the most important tools in order to prevent future recidivist and relapse behaviors. This class can be either taken in a group setting or individually, in person or online.

A 6 session (once a week), 12-hour education class, Level 1 is for first time DWI or DUI offenders who meet the following criteria:

  • The client has minimal, if any, problems other than a first DWI offense.
  • The client has no previous alcohol/drug offenses or issues. 
  • The client has no prior diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence, or other problems related to alcohol and drug use. 


Driving with Care: Level 2 is designed to aid students in their understanding of how problematic behaviors are learned and how these behaviors, unless addressed, become life long issues. The class provides a deeper understanding of how impaired driving can impact each student individually. Students will also get a chance to explore their personal history and relationship to alcohol and drug mis/use. The students who complete this course will have developed the strategies and skill-sets to prevent future problems usually associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

A 12 session (once a week), 24-hour education class, Level 2 is for impaired-driving offenders who meet the following criteria:

  • The client has had, at least, minimal signs of past problems associated with alcohol or drug use.
  • At the time of arrest or misuse, the client's blood alcohol content (BAC) was above the impaired driving level (DWI impairment level is .08 BAC)