Northern Bridges' Rule 25 Chemical Health Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that explores the impact of drugs and/or alcohol use on our clients' lives. With our assessment, Minnesota’s courts, attorneys, and counselors help to support our clients with issues concerning their drug and alcohol history as well as other areas of concern. Our goal is to provide the most important information necessary, to help make the appropriate decisions about your future.

The assessment takes approximately two hours and will examine many areas of your life. In order to verify the information that you have provided, and as a part of the evaluation process, our counselors will need to contact two people familiar with your drug and/or alcohol history. Your assessment is private and confidential, so no one will have access to your chemical health records without your written consent.

The counselors at Northern Bridges Recovery are licensed by the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health & Therapy. Our assessments are valid in every Minnesota court of law. We are also insured members of the NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals.


Northern Bridges’ counselors perform Chemical Health Assessments for clients who are unable to visit our facility. We offer online, Skype assessments that allow easy connection to our counselors via Internet and mobile devices. If connecting online is not possible, our counselors will service you in the convenience of your home.