Just over a year ago, we had a family member that was on the verge of liver failure due to advanced liver disease and alcoholism. We desperately needed help, and we turned to Northern Bridges Coaching. Our coach and counselor, Tommy Blass, led us through the intervention preparation phase, the intervention, the treatment, the relapses, sober care, a liver transplant, and many hospital stays for our family member. Tommy’s perspective and courage was imperative, and I am thankful for his support and guidance. He stepped in when all else was failing, and he worked as a professional and family liaison.  

I fully recommend the work and support of Northern Bridges Coaching; they work diligently to help everyone through the often sad, stressful, and chaotic struggles of addiction. We are so very thankful to have our lives back on track as we watch our loved one gain strength and renewed health each day!

- Michelle Bauer, Family Member

I've known Tommy for years and would unhesitatingly recommend him for addiction counseling and life coaching. He is committed to helping others, knows both the formal techniques through his study at Hazelden, and the more personal and powerful recovery methods of 12-step programs. His history and story give him a solid foundation that he is willing to share with people in crisis.

- Glenn Shifflet, In Recovery Since 1979

Tommy Blass is the kind of chap that resonates with the afflicted. The kind who picks you up and dusts you off and runs interference in your life like a fine fullback.  Never denied.  Saved my life several times. Very literally. Changed my direction forever.

 - Greg C., Client

I have known Tommy Blass for over 3 years, and have seen the work that he has done helping people with addiction and how vested he is in recovery. Tommy has a vast knowledge of addiction and will stop what ever he is doing to help. He personally helped me with a relative to get the help he needed and guided me through the process. Tommy never gives up on people, he's easy to talk to and he makes you feel secure enough to share your personal struggles.

- Margret Schnitz, Family Member

I so appreciated Tommy's overall goal of reclaiming our lives by rediscovering and integrating our lost or buried strengths in order to live from a different place of freedom. I was reminded of the metaphor of the acorn becoming the oak. Always having the power within its shell to become. It is the cracking open in recovery that we can learn to live from a deeper and more authentic place and experience a radically different freedom. Listening to a substantive song of promise and guidance from an always-present Presence. What a gift of life to plant the seed of change and becoming. Thank you Mr. Blass for your commitment and for your courage and honesty in sharing your gifts of recovery and renewal toward awakening.

- Rev. Anna Shouse, Ph.D.

Thanks for holding some space for my vulnerable parts. You get an A+ as a recovery coach. Interesting that I never considered a meeting for myself. I would have been the first to suggest it for someone else.

- Mary K., Colleague