Northern Bridges Recovery & Life Coaching helps our clients find healthy ways of reframe and examine their active addiction while embracing a life of recovery. By reinforcing the value of abstinence and by reducing the harm of addictive behaviors, a recovery coach works along side our clients to co-create a strength-based support system. Our process evaluates all afflictions such as alcohol, drugs, co-dependency, and/or other addictive behaviors. Recovery coaches help our clients find the resources for detox and treatment facilities, family support and education, and local and/or online support groups.

Northern Bridges is action-oriented. Our emphasis is on improving clients’ present lives while helping to create goals for their future. We support our clients in making important decisions about what to do with their lives, so they can start building a bridge from active addictions to the world of recovery. We navigate our clients through the many challenges they will face, such as avoiding relapse, working on life goals not related to addiction, and/or facilitating ancillary relationships outside of our facility (work, education, volunteer programs, etc.).

Coaching can strengthen the following:

  • Goal setting, planning and scheduling

  • Strategies for organization and time management

  • Effective communication skills

  • Professional skills such as better meeting management, leadership, presentation, and delegation

  • Stress management

  • Health and wellness

  • Overall structure, support and encouragement

  • Strategies to maintain focus and concentration

  • Assistance with persons coming home from treatment

  • Community support for recovery

  • Social skills and self-esteem

  • Management of symptoms, Attention Deficit Disorder, and addiction in general

  • The comfort zone for higher level of self-development