We have seen many people attempt to address their issues with drugs and alcohol, and they do so in times of crisis. It is in these confusing times that people are often unsure of which direction to take, and they feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or perhaps even lost. Our focus is to help clients move past the fears, the worries, and the unknowns of their situation, and to provide them with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need. We have the experience to support those men and women struggling with issues related to substance abuse. We navigate with them on their path to recovery.

Tommy Blass, M.A. L.A.D.C., founder of Northern Bridges, is a highly skilled recovery professional with a long history of guiding clients and their families through the complications of drug and alcohol related issues. Trained at Hazelden, the premier school for chemical dependency counseling, he has over 30 years of recovery experience. Unlike many other drug and alcohol counselors, we offer a unique perspective. We do not see our clients as just a diagnosis or a DUI offender, but we see our clients as people who deserve solid, reasonable, and responsible support. You deserve to get back to the business of living your life.